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Looking for Fabulous & Unique Aviation Items for the "Person Who Has Everything"? THIS IS THE PLACE!

Wileman Aircraft & Pilot Supplies offers great gift ideas
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Apron with Southwestern
USA VFR Chart design

(Flowers not included!)
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Tyvek Jacket with
Southwestern USA
VFR Chart design

Light, waterproof, with eye-catching design that won't get lost in a crowd. (Small - XXXL sizes avail.)
Aviation Sectional Mouse Pad

A great addition to any office!
We can make this for any Class B or Class C airports. Please specify 3-letter airport identifier and the city name.

Wileman Pilot Shop sells aviation gifts, aircraft supplies, avionics, aircraft headsets, aviation jewelry, aviation clothing, clocks, aviation picture frames, aircraft models, aircraft engine oil, air and fuel filters, aircraft fasteners and hardware.

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Andy Rooney Porcelain Antique Sign (typical models shown)- Click for MORE.
Featured Items

FAR /AIM 2014

From $15.95 to $17.95

I Love Cessna

Starting at $21

Rainbow Pin

Starting at $11

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Free to any recently soloed customers with $25 minimum purchase!
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Custom Mousepads printed with your own aircraft picture
  • Buy any headset right now, and show your patriotism with a free baseball cap with our compliments.
  • Get a FREE T-shirt with any purchase of $50 or more!



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